1. So last year, I wrote a song with a few John Mayer references strewn throughout it… And here it is!


  2. It occurred to me recently, something that I had likely known for a while, but the thought had to mentally stir for it to really settle as a collective, definite thought, that there is a significant difference between being happy and being comfortable. Living at my parents’ house, I was never…

  3. LA Woman

    Photo by Michael Lohr

  4. City of Light

    Photo by Michael Lohr

  5. Photo by Michael Lohr

  6. Had another photo featured on Maxim’s Sack! So exciting! Published on 7.22.13.

  7. Had a great studio session with Synestudios! Waiting on the final product and then I’ll post for you all! Can’t wait for you to hear! xx


  8. Gonna be updating this with a brand new track soon! Follow me and stay tuned!


  9. Camera shot from my most recent shoot at Hyde Park in London!